Grow me Lord…..

I was working in the garden this weekend when a certain thought crossed my mind.

The way I am tilling this hard, weedy ground is the way God is tilling in my life.

And then the most amazing thing happened. My Pastor preached a simaler message on the exact same message. How crazy is that?

God is the only one that can order and make you grow.

Sometimes, God put’s seasons in our life to make us grow. Trials if you will. To refocus your priorities and belief’s in Him.

I have recently started working in the “Kids Church” in my church. That was a trial. After the first day, I felt as if God was truly calling me to a ministry. To grow in Him. At first, because of the ages (6-8) I was going to say, “No way! There’s no way I can handle those kind of kids.” That was because of my “Past” with that age. Not a good one. But when I got into the car after service and told my mom, she said, “Maybe this is the trial God wants you to go through to get over your “fear”. ( I know, it’s silly, having a fear of 6/8 year olds!)

And it is true, He is putting seasons/changes into my life to grow me.

When you put up your arms and cry out to God “I want to change!”

Be ready to have some change/growth that you aren’t sure about!


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